26. Schelling: Powers of the Idea (2014)

ISBN 1 897646 23 2

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Schelling: Powers of the Idea
  • F.W.J. SCHELLING: Antikritik
  • F.W.J. SCHELLING: On the True Concept of Philosophy of Nature and the Correct Way of Solving its Problems
  • F.W.J. SCHELLING: Anthropological Schema
  • TILOTTAMA RAJAN: The Life of the ‘Idea’: Hegel, Schelling, and Schopenhauer
  • DANIEL WHISTLER: Schelling’s Doctrine of Abstraction
  • IAIN HAMILTON GRANT: ‘World’ in Middle Schelling: Why Nature Transcendentalises
  • JASON WIRTH: Das Gewüßte wird erzählt: Schelling on the Relationship between Art, Mythology, and Narrative
  • TYLER TRITTEN: Twilight of the Gods: Nancy and Schelling on the End of Myth and Politics
  • DINO JAKUŠIĆ: Spinoza’s Principle of Essential Derivation
  • ROBERT KING: Time After Death: The Account of Fecundity in Levinas’s Totality and Infinity
Reviews and Responses
  • TIMOTHY M. HACKETT: Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism, Volume I by Adrian Johnston
  • BENJAMIN BERGER: Idealism and Emergence: Three Questions for Adrian Johnston
  • ADRIAN JOHNSTON: Transcendentalism in Hegel’s Wake: A Reply to Timothy M. Hackett and Benjamin Berger