33. Aesthetic Education (2021)

ISBN 1 897646 31 3

This volume is currently available.

Volume Editors: Ahilleas Rokni and Diogo Carneiro
Copy-editor: Ash Finn


The Ethical Dimension of Everyday Aesthetics
– Yuriko Saito

The Intersection of Moral and Aesthetic Factors in the Process of Growing Up
– Ronald Moore

Schiller and the Deskilling of Aesthetic Education
– Tom Huhn

Art’s Underthought: Art, Presupposition and Immorality
– Zoe Walker

Aesthetic Alchemy: Feature Construction and Conceptual Enrichment through Literature
– Johan Heemskerk

A Symposium on Catherine Homan’s A Hermeneutics of Poetic Education: The Play of the In-Between
– Catherine Homan, Rebecca Longtin, Corey McCall, and Jessica S. Elkayam