Plí invites submissions for its 30th volume: ‘Restoration and Resistance’: Philosophy, Politics, and Identity.


“The tiniest event can tear a hole in the grey curtain of reaction which has marked the horizons of possibility under capitalist realism. From a situation in which nothing can happen, suddenly anything is possible again.”

-Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism

“Thus, the universal must be activated, but subjectivity on the other hand must be developed as a living whole. Only when both moments are present in full measure can the state be regarded as articulated and truly organized.”

-G.W.F Hegel, Elements of the Philosophy of Right

On the 50th anniversary of the events of May ’68 and the 100th of the October revolution, it seems pertinent to critically examine the movements which have gained increasing traction in the upheaval of the last decade. Political and economic structures shift like tectonic plates, slowly and at first unnoticed: what was once impossible has become commonplace. The ever-increasing development of technology and commerce has opened questions new and old as to the role of human beings in an increasingly automated and globalised world, and of how our characters develop and change in relation to the machines to which we are now inextricably connected. Political questions themselves have changed, and with them the solutions theoretical works inspire. What does it mean to be a subject, and to be subject to power? To belong to, or to be independent of, a continent, a nation, a class, race, gender or sexuality? During an ongoing refugee crisis, rising nationalism and within an increasingly globalised world, how have the metaphysical and political boundaries shifted, and how does this alter the question of what is to be done?

This year, Plí invites papers devoted to questions of politics and identity in the broadest sense, aiming to bring strands of contemporary theory into direct conflict or connection. Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • The relation and formation of individual and communal identities
  • Critical reflections on contemporary movements and theorists
  • The nature of resistance
  • Philosophy in relation to crisis
  • The nature of sovereignty
  • Bios, biopower and governmentality
  • Assemblage theory
  • Technology, culture, and subjectivity
  • Borders: cultural, national and individual
  • The relation of aesthetics, community and politics
  • Globalisation/Mondialisation, labour and identity


As well as works addressing the theme of each issue, Pli is always happy to consider:

  • Strong articles on any aspect of ‘continental philosophy’
  • Book reviews (please contact the journal to discuss prospective reviews)
  • Short translations of important works in continental philosophy.

The deadline for submissions is 31st of October 2018. Submissions should be articles no longer than 8,000 words, prefaced by an abstract, and sent by email to: as a Word, ODT or RTF file. Include an e-mail address for future correspondence.

Before submitting an article, please ensure you have read the Notes for Contributors.