27. Spinoza: The Proper Order of Philosophy (2015)

ISBN 1 897646 24 0

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Spinoza: The Proper Order of Philosophy
  • TOM GIESBERS: The Pantheismusstreit: Spinoza as a Fork in the Road between Realism and Idealism
  • RYAN J. JOHNSON: Back to Metaphysics in Spinoza’s Ethics: Spinoza’s Theory of Reading
  • ANDREW SACKIN-POLL: The Situation of the Human Subject in the Philosophy of Spinoza
  • JONATHAN LAHEY DRONSFIELD: Contents: The Swerve of Freedom after Spinoza
  • KEITH ANSELL-PEARSON: A Melancholy Science?: On Bergson’s Appreciation of Lucretius
  • MIROSLAV GRIŠKO: Metaphysical Nihilism and Meontological Realism
  • ADAM R. ROSENTHAL: The Title’s Claim to Thought in Heidegger
  • JAMES KAY: H. Sharp’s and J.E. Smith’s Between Hegel and Spinoza: A Volume of Critical Essays (London: Bloomsbury, 2012)
  • LYNN KHANOVA: Peter Wolfendale’s Object Oriented Ontology: The Noumenon’s New Clothes (Falmouth: Urbanomic, 2014)
  • CHRIS HENRY: Fabio Gironi’s Naturalising Badiou: Mathematical Ontology and Structural Realism (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
  • BETHANY PARSONS: Mark Anderson’s PLATO AND NIETZSCHE: Their Philosophical Art (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014)