25. Nietzsche’s Free Spirit Works (2014)

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Nietzsche’s Free Spirit Works
  • NIETZSCHE: ‘Nachlass Fragments from 1880–1881′ (translated by Carol Diethe)
  • KEITH ANSELL-PEARSON: ‘Nietszche on Integrity’
  • CHRISTA DAVIS ACAMPORA: ‘In What Senses are Free Spirits Free?’
  • JONATHAN R COHEN: ‘Nietzsche’s Second Turning’
  • REBECCA BAMFORD: ‘Mood and Aphorism in Nietzsche’s Campaign against Morality’
  • KATIA HAY and HERMAN SIEMENS: ‘On Seriousness and Laughter’
  • THOMAS RYAN and MICHAEL URE: ‘Nietzsche’s Post-Classical Therapy’
  • SIMON SCOTT: ‘On Nietzsche’s Theory of the Passions in his Middle Period’
  • RUTH ABBEY: ‘Lumping It and Liking It’
  • FRANK CHOURAQUI: ‘Nietzsche’s Other Naturalism’
  • WERNER STEGMAIER: ‘Beyond the Free Spirit Works: Interview with the Editors’
  • JEFFREY PICKERNELL: Nietzsche’s Enlightenment by Paul Franco
  • WILLIAM KNOWLES MCINTIRE: Eternity by the Stars by Blanqui (trans. by Frank Chouraqui)
  • THOMAS WATERTON: Nietzsche’s Anti-Darwinism by Dirk Johnson