24. Jean Hyppolite (2013)

ISBN 1 897646 21 6

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Jean Hyppolite
  • GEORGES CANGUILHEM and MICHEL FOUCAULT: Jean Hyppolite (1907-1968)
  • JEAN HYPPOLITE: Language and Being; Language and Thought
  • JEAN HYPPOLITE: A New Perspective on Marx and Marxism
  • BRUCE BAUGH: Jean Hyppolite and the French Kierkegaard
  • THOMAS EBKE: Jacobi, Hyppolite and Difference
  • JOAQUIM HERNANDEZ-DISPAUX: Michel Henry and His Master Jean Hyppolite
    Appendix: JEAN HYPPOLITE and MICHEL HENRY: Correspondence
  • MAURO SENATORE: A Desire Without Sense: Derrida and Hyppolite on Singularity and Recognition
  • GIUSEPPE BIANCO: ‘Verbose Dialectics’ and the Anthropological Circle: Michel Foucault and Jean Hyppolite
  • TOM ROCKMORE: Hyppolite’s Hegel Reconsidered
  • DANIEL SMITH: Hegel’s Comedy
  • DINO JAKUŠIĆ: Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit by Stephen Houlgate
  • TSUTOMU BEN YAGI: Introduction to Metaphysics: From Parmenides to Levinas by Jean Grondin (trans. Lukas Soderstrom)
  • PETE WOLFENDALE : The Ends of Beauty: Sinead Murphy’s the Art Kettle
  • RICHARD LAMBERT: Jean Hyppolite, entre structure et existence, ed. Giuseppe Bianco