23. Life and Ontology: Physis, Naturalism, Phenomenology (2012)

ISBN 1 897646 19 4

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  • TOM GREAVES: Re-Enacting Natural Histories: Heidegger and Collingwood on the Historicity of Living Nature
  • ERIC S. NELSON: Dilthey and Carnap: Empiricism, Life-Philosophy, and Overcoming Metaphysics
  • JAMES DIFRISCO: Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology of Life
  • JOSEPH CAREW: The Trembling of the Concept: The Material Genesis of Living Being in Hegel’s Realphilosophie
  • JONATHAN SHOLL: The Knowledge of Life in Canguilhem’s Critical Naturalism
  • DAVID STOREY: Nietzsche’s Non-Reductive Naturalism: Evolution, Teleology, and Value
  • Reviews
  • DAVID VAN DUSEN: Imagism: Bataille and Prehistoric Life – A Review of Georges Bataille’s The Cradle of Humanity: Prehistoric Art and Culture