Special Volume. Deleuze and Simondon (2012)

ISBN 1 897646 20 8

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Alex Tissandier
Marjorie Gracieuse

    • ANNE SAUVAGNARGUES: Simondon, Deleuze, and the Construction of Transcendental Empiricism
    • ARNAUD BOUANICHE: Deleuze and Simondon: Community and Transindividuality
    • PIERRE MONTEBELLO: Deleuze, an anti-phenomenology
    • DIDIER DEBAISE: The Subjects of Nature: A Speculative Interpretation of the Subject
    • ANNE LEFEBVRE: Realism of the image and general praxeology in Simondon’s course Imagination et invention
    • DANIEL W. SMITH: Concepts, Time and Truth
    • ALBERTO TOSCANO: The Disparate: Ontology and Politics in Simondon
    • MARJORIE GRACIEUSE: Deleuze: Desiring Bodies versus Organic Judgement
    • CLAUDIO ROZZONI: ‘The deepest is the skin’: Deleuze and Simondon as Superficial Philosophers
Review Articles
  • CHRIS BEIGHTON: Dosse, F., Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari – Biographie Croisée