22. Contingency (2011)

ISBN 1 897646 18 6

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  • QUENTIN MEILLASSOUX: Metaphysics, Speculation, Correlation
  • FABIO GIRONI: Meillassoux’s Speculative Philosophy of Science: Contingency and Mathematics
  • ELIE AYACHE: The Medium of Contingency
  • ANNA CUTLER AND IAIN MACKENZIE: Critique as a Practice of Learning: Beyond Indifference with Meillassoux, towards Deleuze
  • GIUSEPPE MOTTA: Five Meanings of ‘Contingency’ in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
  • RALPH SHAIN: A Defence of Aristotle’s ‘Sea-Battle’ Argument
  • J.D. SINGER: From a ‘History of Being’ to a ‘History of the Present’, Radical Possibility in Heidegger and Foucault
  • Varia
  • FRANÇOIS LARUELLE: From the First to the Second Non-Philosophy
  • NICK SRNICEK: François Laruelle, the One and the Non-Philosophical Tradition