21. Novelty, Transformation and Change (2010)

ISBN 1 897646 14 3

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    Novelty, Transformation and Change
  • JOHN PROTEVI: What does Foucault think is New about Neoliberalism?
  • ASHLEY U. VAUGHT: When Time Preceded Eternity: Schelling’s Conversion to History
  • HAKHAMANESH ZANGENEH: Novelty, Temporality, Negativity: Event-Metaphysics with Jean-Luc Nancy
  • ADAM ROSEN-CAROLE: The Possibility of the New: Adornoian Lessons for Psychoanalysis
  • MATTHEW TIESSEN: Change, Agency and Interdependent Affordances: The Outlines of a Modest Ontology
  • SAMUEL MCAULIFFE: The Mouth Freed for Thought
  • RICARDO S. GONZALES: The Irruption of Novelty in Badiou’s Being and Event: A Dialectical Materialist and Psychoanalytic Response
  • Reviews
  • BENJAMIN BERGER: Europe, or the Infinite Task by Rodolphe Gasché