20. The Subject in Question (2009)

ISBN 1 897646 16 X

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    The Subject in Question
  • NINA POWER: The Collective Political Subject in Sartre and Badiou
  • NICK SRNICEK: Capitalism and the Non-Philosophical Subject
  • PETER GRATTON: After the Subject: Meillassoux’s Ontology of ‘What May Be’
  • SIMON SUSEN: Between Emancipation and Domination: Habermasian Reflections on the Empowerment and Disempowerment of the Human Subject
  • ANDREW STEPHENSON: Two Studies in Wittgenstein’s Subject
  • Varia
  • FRANÇOIS LARUELLE: Response to Deleuze
  • KEITH ANSELL PEARSON: On the Sublime in Nietzsche’s Dawn
  • JAMES LUCHTE: Zarathustra and the Children of Abraham
  • GRAHAM PARKES: Heidegger and Japanese Fascism: An Unsubstantiated Connection
  • Reviews
  • DAVID MILLER: From Symbolism to Symbolic Logic: Alain Badiou, Being and Event