16. Diagrams of Sensation: Deleuze and Aesthetics (2005)

ISBN 1897646127

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    Diagrams of Sensation: Deleuze and Aesthetics
  • MICHEAL GODDARD: The Surface, the Fold and the Subversion of Form: Towards a Deleuzian Aesthetic of Sobriety
  • SIMON O’ SULLIVAN: From Geophilosophy to Geoaesthetics: The Virtual and the Plane of Immanence vs Mirror Travel and The Spiral Jetty
  • ANNA POWELL: ‘The Face is a Horror Story’: The Affective Face of Horror
  • BILL SCHAFFER: Cinema Three? Re-Animating Deleuze
  • FELICITY COLEMAN: Deleuze’s Kiss: The Sensory Pause of Screen Affect
  • GREGG LAMBERT and GREGORY FLAXMAN: Ten Propositions on the Brain
  • KEITH FAULKNER: Deleuze and Essence
  • Varia
  • JAMES WILLIAMS: How Radical is the New? Deleuze and Bachelard on the Problems of Completeness and Continuity in Dialectics
  • CHRISTINA CHIMISSO: Bachelard and the History of the Mind
  • BERNARD BARSOTTI: On Contingency of Datum: Carnap, Husserl, Bachelard
  • Reviews
  • KOSTAS KOUKOUZELIS: Affect as the Space of the Political