15. Lives of the Real: Bergsonian Perspectives (2004)

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Lives of the Real: Bergsonian Perspectives
    • DAVID LAPOUJADE: Intuition and Sympathy in Bergson
    • MARIA LAKKA: Duration, Rhythm, Present
    • SUZANNE GUERLAC: The ‘Zigzags of a Doctrine’: Bergson, Deleuze, and the Question of Experience
    • MARGARITA KARKAYANNI: On Certain Transitory Themes That Allow the Passage from Duration to the Intuition of Duration
    • ANDREW AITKEN: An ‘Applied Rationalism’ of Time: A Reinvestigation of the Relationship Between Bachelard and Bergson-Deleuze
    • WAHIDA KHANDKER: Bergson, Kant, and the Evolution of Metaphysics
    • JOHN MULLARKEY: The Rule of Dichotomy: Bergson’s Genetics of Matter
    • ROBIN DURIE: Nature from the Perspective of Immanence
    • KEITH ANSELL PEARSON: Time, Space, Forced Movement, and the Death-Drive: Reading Proust with Deleuze
    • ADRIAN JOHNSTON: Revulsion is not Without its Subject: Kant, Lacan, Zizek, and the Symptom of Subjectivity
  • JAMES WILLIAMS: Architectural Philosophy: Repetition, Function, Alterity
  • KEITH ANSELL PEARSON: Nietzsche’s Philosophy