17. Ultrapolitics: Biopower, Sovereignty and Total Mobilisation (2006)

ISBN 1 897646 13 5

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    Ultrapolitics: Biopower, Sovereignty and Total Mobilisation
  • EUGENE THACKER: Biological Sovereignty
  • CHRISTIAN NILSSON: The Task of Thinking in the State of Exception – Agamben, Benjamin and the Question of Messianism
  • SJOERD VAN TUINEN: The Obscene Voice: Terrorism, Politics and the End of Representation in the Works of Baudrillard, Žižek and Sloterdijk
  • THOMAS CROMBEZ: “The Sovereign Disappears in the Election Box”: Carl Schmitt and Martin Heidegger on Sovereignty and (Perhaps) Governmentality
  • LEON NIEMOCZYNSKI and KEVIN SÖDERGREN: Freedom Ablaze: Ernst Jünger and Michel Foucault’s Concept of Force
  • Varia
  • SEAN BOWDEN: Deleuze, Leibniz and the Jurisprudence of Being
  • DARREN AMBROSE: Levinas, ‘Illeity’ and the Persistence of Skepticism
  • Reviews and Responses
  • RAFAEL WINKLER: Heidegger and (the) Beyond: Michael Lewis’ Heidegger and the Place of Ethics
  • MICHAEL LEWIS: Response to Rafael Winkler
  • DAVID MORRIS: Heideggerian Truth and Deleuzian Genesis as Differential ‘Grounds’ of Philosophy: Miguel de Beistegui’s Truth and Genesis: Philosophy as Differential Ontology
  • MIGUEL DE BEISTEGUI: Response to David Morris