14. Spinoza: Desire and Power (2003)

ISBN 1897646100

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Spinoza: Desire and Power
    • GILLES DELEUZE: The three kinds of knowledge
    • JONATHAN RUBIN: Spinoza: Superior Empiricist
    • CAMILLE DUMILIÉ Spinoza, or, The Power of Desire
    • PIERRE-FRANÇOIS MORREAU: Alain Badiou as a Reader of Spinoza
    • STÉPHAN LECLERCQ: Spinoza’s multiple / Deleuze’s multiplicity
    • SLAVOJ ZIZEK: Subtraction: Jewish and Christian
    • ANDREW MITCHELL: The Extent of Giving: Sending in Derrida and Heidegger
    • GREG WHITLOCK: Moses Mendelssohn and the German Reception of Roger Boscovich’s Theoria
    • ZAFER ARACAGÖK: On Rhythm, Resonance and Distortion
    • BETH LORD: Kant’s productive ontology
  • CLAIRE COLEBROOK: The Memory of Thought
  • WAHIDA KHANDKER: Virtually New
  • DARREN AMBROSE: The Logic of Sensation