13. Foucault: Madness/Sexuality/Biopolitics (2002)

ISBN 1 897646 09 7

This volume is now out of print. It is available in PDF format below.

    Foucault: Madness/Sexuality/Biopolitics
  • MICHEL FOUCAULT: First Preface to Histoire de la folie à l’âge classique (1961)
  • MICHEL FOUCAULT: Preface to the Italian edition of La volonté de savoir
  • PIER ALDO ROVATTI: Astride a Low Wall: Notes on Philosophy and Madness
  • LORENZO CHIESA: Lucid Unreason: Artaud and Foucault
  • REMO BODEI: Logics of Delirium
  • SHARON COWAN and STUART ELDEN: Words, Desires and Ideas: Freud, Foucault and the Hermaphroditic Roots of Bisexuality
  • MAURIZIO LAZZARATO: From Biopower to Biopolitics
  • WARREN MONTAG: Toward a Conception of Racism without Race: Foucault and Contemporary Biopolitics
  • JASON READ: A Fugitive Thread: The Production of Subjectivity in Marx
  • Varia
  • TIM SCHROEDER: Teleosemantics and the Genesis of Norms: Co-opting Brandom
  • JONATHAN PHILIPPE: When Latour meets Nietzsche Around the Concept of Individuation
  • BRUNO BOSTEELS: Alain Badiou’s Theory of the Subject: The Re-Commencement of Dialectical Materialism (Part II)
  • F. SCOTT SCRIBNER: Towards a Material Imaginary: Bataille, Nonlogical Difference, and the Language of Base Materialism
  • Reviews
  • JOHN SELLARS: Peter Abelard’s Stoic Ethics
  • MICHAEL FERRER: What’s a Brain Supposed to Do?

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