18. Superior Empiricism (2007)

ISBN 1 897646 14 3

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    Superior Empiricism
  • ERIC ALLIEZ and JEAN-CLAUDE BONNE: Matisse with Dewey and Deleuze
  • JOHN PROTEVI: Between Geophilosophy and Political Physiology
  • MAX HENNINGER: Facticity and Contingency in Louis Althusser’s Aleatory Materialism
  • STUART GRANT: Immanent Description and Writing From…
  • MEGAN CRAIG: Lights in the Dark: The Radical Empiricism of Emmanuel Levinas and William James
  • ERIC SEAN NELSON: Empiricism, Facticity, and the Immanence of Life in Dilthey
  • PHILIP TONNER: Duns Scotus’ Concept of the Univocity of Being: Another Look
  • RASMUS UGILT: Schelling’s Positive Empiricism
  • CHRIS LAUER: Spinoza’s Third Kind of Knowledge as a Resource for Schelling’s Empiricism
  • GIOVANNA GIOLI: What is Transcendental Empiricism? Deleuze and Sartre on Bergson
  • SIMONE BIGNALL: A Superior Empiricism: The Subject and Experimentation
  • Reviews
  • HENRY SOMERS-HALL: The Politics of Creation: Peter Hallward’s Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation
  • JOSEPH D. KUZMA: Radiance and Vulnerability: On Reading Dorothea Olkowski’s The Universal (in the Realm of the Sensible)
  • DARREN AMBROSE: Stephen Zepke’s Art as Abstract Machine and Simon O’Sullivan’s Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari