5. The Divine Sade (1994)

ISBN 1-897646 01 1

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  • DEEPAK NARANG SAWHNEY: A Manner of Thinking
  • STEPHEN PFOHL: Seven Mirrors of Sade: Sex, Death, CAPITAL and the Language of Monsters
  • ANNIE LE BRUN: Sade and the Theatre
  • LUCIENNE FRAPPIER-MAZUR: A Turning Point in the Sadean Novel: The Terror
  • PHILIPPE SOLLERS: Sade Contra the Supreme Being
  • MARGARET CROSLAND: Madame de Sade and Other Problems
  • CATHERINE CUSSET: Sade: Critique of Pure Fiction
  • DAVID ALLISON: Sade’s Itinerary of Transgression
  • KATHY ACKER: Reading the Lack of the Body: The Writing of the Marquis de Sade