29. Thinking with Style (2018)

ISBN 1 897646 27 5

This volume is now out of print. There is a free download link for the volume at the bottom of the page.

Thinking with Style
  • MEIRAV ALMOG: Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology of Style: Thought, Expression, and Art
  • RYAN CRAWFORD: The Fossil and the Word: Toward a Concept of the Philosophical Fragment
  • MÉLANIE WEILL: Creative Metaphors: an essay on Bergson’s Writing Style
  • STEPHEN HOWARD: The Material Literary Form of Kant’s Opus postumum
  • ERIN S PLUNKETT: “Endless Specific Recoveries”: on the Genre of the Essay in Cavell
  • MARINA MARREN: Masks and Monsters: on the Transformative Power of Art
  • THOMAS SUTHERLAND: Style without Substance, Form qua Function: the Nonphilosophical
    Unilateralization of Philosophical Style


  • FLORIAN VERMEIREN: The Implicative Dimension of Time: from Bergson’s Duration to
    Deleuze’s Virtuality
  • SAMUEL HONSBEEK: Why Nietzsche Does Not Object to False Judgments: an Essay on
    Beyond Good and Evil‘s Fourth Section
  • JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE: Ideas on God and Immortality: Lectures on Logic and Metaphysics, Trans. CHIU YUI PLATO TSE & RORY PHILIPS
  • LEWIS HODDER: Art and the New Condition of Literature: Capital: New York, Capital
    of the 20th Century by Kenneth Goldsmith
  • J E MCNALLY: Reopening McLuhanism: On Understanding Media