Submission layout: Document
Submission Guidelines:

When submitting a manuscript, the standardization criteria in the files available on the Journal’s website must be considered. In addition, the authors must:

  • Maintain anonymity, including possible references that should be suppressed;
  • Orthography should be consistent with a standard variety of English;
  • Send the manuscript containing up to 8.000 words;
  • Non-English terms and quotes should be translated;
  • Translate the abstract and the keywords into a second language;
  • Include an abstract (approximately 300 words) and 5 keywords;
  • Emphasised words should be italicized;
  • “Double quotation” marks should be used for quotes. Single quotation marks should be used for “a ‘quote’ within a quote”;
  • Notes should be given in the form of footnotes, not endnotes;
  • Book titles should be italicized. Use double quotation marks for “papers” and “book chapters”.
  • Avoid using “Ibid.” and similar expressions;
  • References throughout the paper should use the author-date system;
  • Strictly adhere to the Chicago Style of standardization of the final references;
  • Use the layout provided by the journal;
  • Align the manuscript with the principles, policies, and mission of the journal;
  • Identify in the submission form the individual contribution of each author, who must, as a minimum: a) have actively participated in the discussion of the results; and b) in the review and approval of the manuscript’s final version.
  • Ensure manuscript compliance with Open Science and good practices;
  • Indicate whether the manuscript has been submitted to the Preprints system and is in agreement with the Open Peer Review Process;
  • Accept the Journal’s Copyright Policy: the copyright of the published manuscript remains with the Author, and the Journal maintains the right of first publication;
  • Participate in the Final Revision and Approval of the manuscript before its definitive publication;