19. Sense and Nonsense (2008)

ISBN 1 897646 15 1

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    Sense and Nonsense
  • RAY BRASSIER: The Expression of Meaning in Deleuze’s Ontological Proposition
  • MIGUEL DE BEISTEGUI: Expression and Immanence
  • ANGELA BREITENBACH: Nonsense and Mysticism in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
  • JEREMY BARRIS: Epistemology and the Civil Union of Sense and Self-Contradiction: A Co-ordinated Solution to the Shared Problems of Political and Mainstream Epistemology
  • IOANNIS TRISOKKAS: Presuppositionless Scepticism
  • Varia
  • SALOMON MAIMON: Essay on Transcendental Philosophy: A Short Overview of the Whole Work; On the Categories; Antinomies. Ideas.
  • ADRIAN O. JOHNSON: Conflicted Matter: Jacques Lacan and the Challenge of Secularising Materialism
  • CHRISTOPHER NORRIS: Alain Badiou: Truth, Mathematics, and the Claim of Reason
  • TOM SPARROW: On the Horrors of Realism: An Interview with Graham Harman
  • Reviews
  • BOBBY GEORGE: Earth Aesthesis: Sallis’ Topographies and the Aesthetics of the Earth
  • JAMES TRAFFORD: The Natural History of the Unthinged: Iain Grant’s Philosophies of Nature After Schelling
  • GIOVANNA GIOLI and MATTHEW DENNIS: Jay Lampert’s Deleuze and Guattari’s Philosophy of History